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Forward Energy Group Inc. provides customized consulting services to the oil and gas sector in the areas of Exploration and Development strategy, benchmarking, facilitation and project management.  With diverse geological and engineering capabilities that cover Canada, the United States and beyond, we also provide related business analysis and support services.  Although our expertise is broad, our strengths are in unique areas.  A number of our recent product and service offerings are highlighted (click on the links for more comprehensive descriptions).

Natural Gas Supply Trends Multi-Client Study

Since 2004, Forward Energy has provided updates to our original and highly successful multi client study called "Natural Gas Supply Trends in Western Canada".


This landmark multi-client study provides independent, current and innovative analysis by industry experts on the trends, sources and operators of new gas supply in Western Canada between 1990 and 2008. 

For the pdf version: Gas Supply Trends Brochure

Deep Basin Play Characterization

The Deep Basin region is the largest and one of very few growth areas in the WCSB.  The current rate of 3.2 Bcfd is more than triple the 1990 rate.  Over the 18 year period, to 2007, the regionís production rate increased at a compound rate exceeding 7% per year.  The Deep Basin plays in aggregate accounted for 19% of all 2007 WCSB output.  Forward Energy has characterized the production performance of zones producing from 14 Deep Basin plays covering 8 stratigraphic intervals.  For the pdf: Deep Basin Characterization

Coal Bed Methane

Canada's in-situ CBM resource is very large but which plays in our Resource Characterization are the most attractive?  Producing CBM plays now supply 5% of aggregate production in Western Canada.  Our Production Characterization can tell you about these plays and their producing characteristics.  For the pdf: Coalbed Methane.pdf

Play, Operator and Value Analysis in the WCSB Foothills

Evaluate the strategies pursued by recent entrants to the WCSB Foothills.  This study describes and interprets the trends and economics from plays that increased production significantly in the Central Foothills.  In the Benchmarking/Value Analysis phase operators/plays are compared to see which are making (how much) money.  For the pdf version: WCSB Foothills.pdf

Entry Strategy

Learn how other operators have successfully entered their plays of interest

Play Evaluations

Confidently choose the optimum plays to fill your Exploration and Development portfolio

Western Canada Gas Consulting

Based on a thorough analysis of supporting information, make confident, well informed choices about your Canadian gas strategies

Whatever your questions regarding gas supply in Western Canada, call the experts at Forward Energy Group for a solution tailored to your needs.


Natural Gas Supply Trends in Western Canada

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