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Play Evaluations

One of the most important decisions in petroleum management is the selection of plays and properties for investment.  In a basin as large and dynamic as the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, investors are presented with a wide and evolving range of strategic opportunities.  Forward Energy will help you make those decisions by providing comprehensive play evaluations, either basin-wide or, locally in your areas of interest.  Our research either clearly confirms the anecdotes or dispels the myths that our clients view as the accepted wisdom about plays.

Forward Energy has established expertise in characterizing the risk, reserve and producing characteristics of plays in Western Canada.  We integrate remaining potential forecasts with our own analysis of current industry activity, pool discoveries and production trends, providing clients with our view of which plays may have sustainable opportunities.  Our evaluations often include analysis of current major operators active in the plays – are they competitors, potential partners, acquisition targets or case histories from which to learn?

Play evaluations are customized to the client’s needs as defined by geographic area, play definition, evaluation criteria and period examined.  The most current drilling, production and reserves information is employed to ensure our clients are on top of the trends.  We have developed creative and unique ways to extract the underlying information from the babble of noisy and complex data and to clearly illustrate those insights graphically.

For example, our proprietary methods identify, with confidence, the target plays for wells.  We measure drilling “success” customized to your economic or physical criteria – minimum rate added or reserves, for example.  Combining our methods and your definitions, we provide you with highly reliable drilling success rates and industry or operator-specific trends.  We apply innovative approaches to integrating other types of data to characterize plays according to your evaluation criteria: discovery history, pool reserves, production decline analysis, horizontal drilling, heavy oil, land agreements, etc.

We communicate our results to both executives and work teams through our interim and summary PowerPoint presentations.  These presentations complement the documentation we provide, which may include: play maps with embedded montages of drilling, reserves and production trends; operator maps with drilling activity and production summaries by operator and digital data files.

Our play evaluation approach has been applied beyond Western Canada.  For example, we have successfully applied our production characterization methodology to Tertiary growth fault trends in South Texas.  We are confident that our play evaluation approach can be applied to any area in the world where a wide range of play opportunities are available but high activity, complexity and the abundance of data require the disciplined approach of specialists to evaluate and compare plays.

When you are faced with evaluating plays for your exploration and development portfolio, consider the benefits of engaging Forward Energy’s disciplined, data-based and flexible approach to your play selection process.

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