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Entry Strategy Analysis

In the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, publicly available information has made play evaluation and selection more transparent and accessible to a large number of operators.  When a number of operators select the same “best” plays, the most important task for petroleum managers is developing and implementing a competitive entry strategy into the selected play.  Possible entry strategies range along a continuum from acquisition of producing properties at one extreme to pure greenfields exploration entry at the other.  Management teams faced with these choices ask:


What entry strategies have successful new entrants pursued recently? 


Is there a “best” entry strategy? 


Would such an entry strategy create value at current costs and prices?

Forward Energy has developed a structured process to answer these questions that combines the following steps:


 Play Analysis


 Operator Analysis


 Entry Analysis


 Value Analysis

Based on our clients’ definition of success, we evaluate plays that meet their criteria and identify new entrants that achieved success.  We uncover how new entrants obtained their entry platform into the play/area through our integrated interpretation of drilling, production and land data in combination with data from other sources.

Finally, we evaluate the economics of drilling and production results for selected entrants.  Would such an entry strategy create value at current costs and prices?

Our clients appreciate the thorough analysis, interim reviews and complete documentation provided with each step.  Deliverables include play maps with embedded montages of statistical and play data, operator maps and interpreted results in highly visual summary PowerPoint presentations.

If you have identified plays of interest and need to understand how other operators have successfully entered those plays, call the experts at Forward Energy Group for advice.

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