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Mexico’s Burgos Basin

The Burgos Basin in northeastern Mexico contains numerous opportunities for natural gas resource development.  By mid-2003, PEMEX, Mexico’s state oil and gas company, is proposing to offer for bid a number of blocks with 3 to 5 Tcf of total gas potential to International Oil Companies (IOCs).  Successful bidders for these newly-developed Multiple Services Contracts (MSCs) will have the opportunity to lock in attractive investment returns for up to twenty years by finding, developing and producing gas as service contractors.

Since early 2001, Forward Energy has been engaged by IOCs evaluating the resource potential of the Burgos and involved with PEMEX’s process to develop MSC contract terms.  Our experience has lead to our insightful and unique perspective.  Our understanding of the economic opportunities available from this contract and our ability to communicate them helps our clients to quickly and efficiently evaluate their position(s).

Forward Energy has also developed expertise in understanding and interpreting the technical (geoscience and engineering) characteristics of the reservoirs in the basin.  This technical capability, combined with a comprehensive knowledge of the proposed contract, is one of our unique qualifications.  Additionally, we have addressed the question: What will it take to be a successful operator in the Burgos Basin, under the MSC format?


We have developed a four stage evaluation model to assist clients to comprehend the opportunity and to create a comprehensive bidding strategy. 

bullet Block Resource Assessment - understand the resource endowment
bullet Work Plans Development - create a development plan to exploit the resource
bullet Economic Modeling - incorporate the contract terms and economic factors
bullet Bid Program - define a bidding strategy and partnering arrangements

Regardless of your level of understanding of the Burgos basin or the MSC process, the experts at Forward Energy Group can provide you with timely and comprehensive advice on this new opportunity

How to be a successful operator in the Burgos Basin

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