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Mexico’s Burgos Basin Success Factors

What will it take to be a successful operator in the Burgos Basin, under the Multiple Services Contracts (MSC) format?


The companies best qualified to benefit from these contracts will be those who excel at both finding and exploiting tight, highly faulted, lower productivity gas reservoirs

Cost Control

Cost management will be one of the operator’s strengths, both in capital programs and ongoing operations activities

Technical Skills

Focused management of continuing drilling operations will be necessary, as many follow-on wells will be required to replace the high decline rate production from the previous wells. 

Supplier Arrangements

The successful operator will have close and probably unique arrangements with its service and material suppliers.  Many of these arrangements will be confirmed prior to a bid being submitted

Cultural Fit

Foreign companies, entering Mexico for the first time, will be sensitive to and accommodating of local customs and culture

 For further information on how Forward Energy’s services in Mexico’s Burgos Basin, see our services description.

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